Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Sample Review: My Take on the new puzzle game/Dating Sim hybrid, Huniepop

I've loved games for as long as I could remember, but for some reason, it never struck me to write them as those at Kotaku, Polygon and elsewhere do. In light of recent events within the gaming industry, I've been looking at the craft with a more analytical eye, and before I even realized what happen, I ended up writing something strongly in the vein of what those people write. After looking at what I wrote, I thought, "Maybe there's something worth polishing in this," and decided to post up my sample I cooked up. If you look what you see, be sure to let me know what you think!


Gaming has always been held up to great scrutiny in the media eye. From the congressional hearings held about Mortal Kombat, the Columbine shootings being connected to the first person shooter, Doom and Grand Theft Auto being accused of encouraging both violence and, recently, sexist behavior against women. In this light, there's a new game on the market that's so risque, Twitch will ban you if you try to stream it.

Which game is this, you might be wondering?