Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How a Mole Hill Becomes a Mountain: a Farewell Letter to One of My Greatest Friends

Sometimes people do things so egregious against the people they care for, it shatters the foundation of everything their relationship was founded on. Most times, however, those things happen because of little things that go unnoticed until the right prompting causes it to come out in one big burst, things I like to call microabrasions. This is something I think of whenever I reflect upon a kinship I've had with a close friend of mine, and the microabrasions I've done to damage the bonds I've developed with her all these years.

She's been one of my greatest friends over this decade, and because of her patience and upfront approach, I've been able to see what I can do to become a better person and take steps towards achieving what I desire, however difficult they may be. Even with that, however, she's always felt a bit mysterious, like there's a lot to her I don't yet know. As I've matured, I've thought deeper on why this is, and part of me feels like for the times she's let me discuss my trouble with her, the same couldn't be said about her own with me. This is likely because each time I've spoken with her over the years, it's been routine for ask how she's doing, for her to say she's fine, and when she asks how I'm doing, to bring up events in my life, never showing any significant interest in hers, a habit I suspect isn't just limited to my time with her.