Monday, September 7, 2009

The Mile High Club

Another one of my older poems, back when I was in much less control of my hormones.*laughs* Red and enjoy, and if you have something to say, comment

"I've always wonder what it felt like to fly...
So i decided to join the club called 'Mile High'

It felt like I was floating, free...
No one else but my lover and me.

Our bodies entwined in a frantic dance...
Our souls searching for true romance.

But then, in a flash, his wife opened the door.
And for me, the mile high club was no more"


  1. I was curious about the speaker, what is their sex? In fact what is the sex of most of your speakers?

  2. With my short stories they're mostly female, in large part due to living among women for as long as I have. It really depends on the story and what it demands, though. In this particular piece I decided to leave the speaker undefined to allow the reader to see it through their eyes without any preconceived notions driving the narrative.