Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bit by Bit

Who do we want to be? What is our reason for doing what we do? Where, exactly, is our ideal place? These are questions I believe to be vital in the development of human beings on their way to developing themselves and shaping the kind of world they want to live in, as well as live the kind of life they feel would be worth recording. More often than not, these are questions that remain unspoken in our desire to attain all we need to live the way we desire, whether it's clothing, jewelery or other such things. Once all of that is stripped away, the core of who we are is all that remains, raising the question of what, exactly, is residing in that core. 

Time and again, have I seen the kinds of hollow existences it has created in those around me, friend and foe alike. It has inspired me to continue looking inwards for the answers I sought. If there's anything I've gained in my journeys, it's that whatever those answers may be, they never stay solid like concrete, but rather shapeless like water, taking whatever shape is needed to contain what we need to see.Those unwilling to relinquish what binds them will begin discovering how little they know of where to go on to next, much like the man who tries to take water with only his hands, only to find it slipping through his fingers. Only when we're willing to relinquish the life we know now can the life we deeply desire be made clearer and more detailed, coming closer and closer to our grasp. 

The life beyond being able to eat, sleep and sustain existence is a foggy, frightening place for anyone to even think about, much less step into and seriously explore. It is this life, however, that makes us complete human beings and enables us to push forward during the hardest times, knowing we have an aim we must achieve, lest we disappoint ourselves. Often times it takes something drastic to shake out of our comfort coma and see ourselves for who are, and what the next step must be, but it is this experience that can shape the very course of our lives for something even the mind's eye cannot envision. Fears not the questions, nor the answers they summon, for they help to chip away at the slab of our lives and shape something of great majesty and beauty. Once we give ourselves these tools, we are freed to sculpt ourselves into whatever fashion best fulfills us and how we choose to live. 

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  1. it's interesting to read how you verbally answer your own musings with intellect and calm hope. keep updating !