Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Behind the Pen: First Crush

Part of being a writer, in my view, is being able to take your life experiences and those of the people pass theirs on to you and craft them into prose, ideally the kind you'd want to see in the magazines and headlines. To keep a personal record of some of the events that shaped my skills, I'll post any responses to questions I receive which I consider to be something people would like to see about who I am, and perhaps help others realize that, although their experiences are unique, there are others out there who've went through something similar and are willing to lend their hand to you in aid. To begin, here's my response to this question:

 Who was your first crush and what was it like?

My first general crush was, as I've told friends in my past, Hikaru Utada. When I first saw her on the cover of Sakura Drops they used in EGM( . To this day it captivates me and seeing it always rekindles those feelings I know have a 1/1,000,000 chance of being fulfilled(given that I have who connections to her whatsoever & that we live oceans apart, coupled with the fact it was-and still is mere infatuation, as it is with many girls that capture my attention *laughs*)

As for those I've met in the real world, there was one female I ran into at a book store a while, back when I still wore those farmer-style overalls as part of my everyday wardrobe. I was secretly trailing her around the store while I was thinking of something to say to her so I could introduce myself. Finally, with all the courage my budding heart could muster, I approached her and said "You smell pretty", quickly walking off in the other direction afterwords.

I've had practice since then talking to pretty women-although not without some struggle to put my thoughts together in a way that don't sound like I'm reaching for straws trying to find some way to relate to the person in front of me*laughs* The practice had helped me calm my nerves considerably and have made friends with several intelligent and lovely young females like yourself(mostly online, though, but hey, baby steps), all whom have helped me expand my world view and grow considerably as a human being, as well as in other aspects.

I am grateful each day that they would consider me intelligent and trustworthy enough to communicate with me in such a fashion, a reminder that I must also do what I can to provide them with the same so that when I have the means to approach someone I'm interested in, I do it as someone who wishes to know more about who they are as well as someone who could use a shoulder to cry one when the time comes.

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