Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Another Day in The Ghetto

One of my very early works of poetry writing(that isn't completely craptastic). Read and enjoy, and if you have any criticism, please leave it in the comments.

Another ray of sunshine pours.
Another pigeon coos it song.
Another car engine roars and purrs
While another game of hopscotch is played.
Just another day in the ghetto.

Another ice cream truck pulls into the lane
and draws another group of kids from their homes.
'Pop The Weasel' begins once again
While another child leaves with a smile
and the truck moves on to next street over.
Just another day in the ghetto.

Another drug deal goes down in the alley
While another girl sells herself for money and food.
Another passerby is robbed in the dark,while
Another youth is slain in the streets;
And yet another family is left to grieve
Just another day in the ghetto.

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