Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Behind the Pen: Concert Night

Most recent artist/band you saw perform was:

Before I present my full story, let me present this scenario: You and group of your friends are in a concert ticket line, awaiting to see your favorite band live, and with seats so close to the stage, you could practically smell the scent of the performers, if you so desired. Now imagine when you get to the booth, the one person who couldn't buy in advance, finds out they're SOLD OUT. What would you do, at that moment? Leave your sole friend to wait, while the rest of you enjoy the show? Or choose for the whole group not to go?

3+ years ago, as of this writing, this exact scenario was posed to me, and this is what came of it: None of us went to see them, so we turned around, and scalped them to another poor soul, who bought it at the door. What we did instead was explore LA, and see what it had to offer us, including driving through the Beverly Hills, where I promptly shouted, at the top of my lungs, "We're poor, and we don't care, woo!". After that, it was off to Santa Monica pier, to see a Polish Opera troupe singing right in the middle of the boardwalk, a break-dancing crew, and pop lock duo, along with visiting a haven for nerds, of all kinds. To top it off, we went to the pier itself, and got ourselves something to eat*I went for the Chili Dog w/fries*, soon after hitting the arcade's DDR machine, and seeing how surprisingly good our driver was, and how horribly I sucked.*(in fact, here's video proof of my suckage at DDR (Twilight Zone being the song I played with him)* Then we went home, and I was left with one of the most memorable experiences of my short existence. I can only imagine what would've come out, if we actually knew where we were going half the time*softly laughs*

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